The English Breakfast Feb 18

Sickness and snow have meant that Mick has joined the festivities of a Monday. Join the Monday Madness of Sarah1, Sarah2, Mark and Angus.  Listen up in the first hour as we:

* talk about Mick's banana

* wish a happy birthday to Sandra (Marky's mum)

* discuss Wayne Rooney and taking on the bouncers at 5am

* find out 'Wots On' for a Monday night

The English Breakfast 7-8am

 In the second hour we really tackled the big issues:

* what to do in Istanbul

* why cows aren't easy to hide

* film review of 'Charlie Harper's War'

* a list of top 10 films...most of which we didn't know (gotta get out of the studio more!)

The English Breakfast 8-9am 

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